breathe deeply. love passionately. smile often. soak in silences. forgive courageously. laugh fully. embrace life. and love love love.
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  • i am so undeservingly blessed. and i am so thankful for that.

    and then there are the folks you’ve known for just a couple of years whose roots ‘nd yours feel as though they’ve been intertwined for forever, grounding you and making you feel like you’re home, just by writing a small bit back and forth.  grateful for ‘em.

    I currently live about 7 hours from the land I call “home.”  I’m hundreds of miles away from my immediate family.  It’s something that’s really difficult for me, the girl who used to cry from homesickness at sleepovers as a young girl.  But something in me pulls me, pushes me.  Maybe I’m to be the black sheep that finds a new place to call home.  My mom would have wanted me to listen to the heart tugs that ask me to be courageous and follow my biggest dreams, the ones that might take me elsewhere.  

    we’ll see.  life is such a sweet, and at time scary, thing.

    i am madly, head-over-heels in love with this world. because of that, i am fiercely protective of it.

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